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Today most of the small business owners using amazon for selling and purchasing products. And most of the Quickbooks users also using amazon for their sales growth. But the problem comes when they try to manage their amazon sales & purchase in accounting books. For this, they have to record each transaction into accounting books manually. Hence Quickbooks modified its software and provided Quickbooks amazon integration service to the users. So that users can synchronize amazon transactions with Quickbooks without any error.

Why Quickbooks Amazon Integration Important

Amazon sellers account provides brief details of your amazon pay settlement. Total sales amount, refund deduction, chargeback deduction, reserve deduction. So if you want to manage your business accounting for the financial year well, you must use Quickbooks online accounting software. Because it integrates Quickbooks with amazon, importing each detail of amazon sellar account transactions, and automatically input it into Quickbooks. So amazon Quickbooks integration reduces your desk time that you spent for data entry. And keep you free for other business tasks.

How To Do Amazon Quickbooks Integration Manually?

Using the amazon seller account is beneficial for business growth, but amazon charges several types of amounts on single product sales. So it’s not easy to do data entry of each deduction manually; hence Quickbooks provides amazon integration with Quickbooks. So let’s see how to do amazon integration with Quickbooks.

  • Open Quickbooks online, click on the gear icon.
  • Select Quickbooks lab and then click on QB Amazon integration(QBAI)
  • On the right side of QBAI toggle switch as On
  • Then select the banking option from the left side navigation bar.
  • Then you will see Amazon button in the middle of your screen, click on it.
  • Now you can provide amazon seller account here to integrate amazon with Quickbooks.

So we hope you have understood how to do QB amazon integration manually. Instead of doing integration manually, you can use applications for QB amazon integration. Some of the best Quickbooks amazon integration app we have listed below.

Benefits of Amazon Quickbooks integration

Quickbooks amazon integration is beneficial for amazon sellers. It helps you to synchronize the amazon seller settlement report into Quickbooks without any single accounting mistake. So let’s see the benefits of Amazon Quickbooks integration.

  • Quickbooks online selling helps you to sell your product in other countries and other currencies. But this handy feature increases our difficulty in generating profit and loss accounts. So Quickbooks amazon integration helps you to support all foreign currencies with the rate of exchange. So that you can easily examine and record your profit and loss.
  • Quickbooks was also known as the best inventory management system. It records your inventory in and performs any real-time changes so that your inventory will always be updated.
  • This integration saves your time by automatically recording each sale and refund amount entries in Quickbooks.
  • Monitor your store in real-time business accounting with Quickbooks Amazon integration. See your cash flow and P&L account graphically, hence you can easily make big business growth decisions.
  • Calculate accurate sales tax and other federal tax automatically in Quickbooks
  • Use cloud base accounting solution, so that you can access your business accounting from home and office without any hassle.

Best Application For Quickbooks Amazon Integration

We have already explained how to synchronize amazon with Quickbooks manually. And now we are telling you, you can use a third-party application for Quickbooks Amazon integration. So let’s see the best application for amazon integration with Quickbooks.

1 WebGility
Webgility application use for automat your Quickbooks online integration with Quickbooks. If you use this software, you will not have to do manual data entry operations in Quickbooks. It will do automatically with the help of amazon integration. Maintain your business accounting without any accounting mistakes, sales tax mistakes, and duplicate any data entry.

  • Webgility is secure and customizable software for Amazon sellers
  • It will send amazon settlement report directly into Quickbooks right accounting field
  • The better option for day and date wise transaction entry in QB
  • Send complete details of buyers into Quickbooks like name and address.
  • 24*7 intuit certified customer support service available.
  • Sync inventory and keep up-to-date stock reorder level.

2. Wntriwise
EntriWise is also a third party software that helps you to integrate Quickbooks with amazon. It also helps you to record your amazon seller account report automatically in Quickbooks. It takes a guarantee of no duplicate entries and no manual data entries in QB. Their user interfaces are very simple and easy signup process without any cost. So you can try this app for your Quickbooks integration.


  • Support almost all Amazon FBA
  • Import all transaction without losing any data
  • It supports all Quickbooks accounting software versions include online.
  • Synchronize your data automatically per day and month basis.
  • Support several locations for your business
  • Reconciliation your accounts without any charges

3. Connex
Connex is a highly secure and most useable software for Quickbooks amazon integration in the USA. It automatically provides itemized data import facility in Quickbooks and ensures that there is no duplicate entry registered in your QB accounting. Acquire this app to save you from the data entry task and grow your business instantly with Connex.


  • Easily work with Quickbooks and amazon without any plugins.
  • Please help us to do accurate accounting without any error & duplicate entry.
  • Free upgrade option availably by company
  • Import real-time sales order automatically within Quickbooks.
  • Free technical support service available in the USA


Quickbooks amazon integration can only import your existence report or transaction into Quickbooks. It’s not for generating any new transaction, so use this integration for saving time and automatically data entry method. And remember if you any of your product is purchased by gift card or any other lottery system, it will not appear in Quickbooks Amazon integration. So we hope you will like our blog, and if you have any suggestions and queries on this topic, then comment below section.

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