Quickbooks Error H505

Small business owners can grow their business fast, by using Quickbooks accounting software. Because it comes with lots of accounting features that we need for managing our business, like payroll and multi-user accessibility. Multi-user accessibility features of Quickbooks(QB) allow us to work together on a single company file. But sometimes QuickBooks user sees Quickbooks error h505.

The error h505 occurs, when a user tries to access a company file that is not available in his system, but available on a connected network computer. Sometimes this error has been seen if the user has done any wrong configuration setups. So in our case, we got several causes behind error h505, that we discuss below.

Causes Behind Quickbooks error H505

One of our clients when asked this Query, then we did much research on this Quickbooks error code H505. And we found various causes behind Quickbooks error h505 that we listed below, we think this causes can help you in resolving your Quickbooks error.

  • Your system has the wrong DNS setting
  • You have done the wrong setting of your hosting network
  • Firewall and antivirus are blocking Quickbooks to communicate with files and data.
  • .ND Files got damaged or you did the wrong configuration setup
  • Quickbooks is unable to identify the IP address of the located company file system
  • QB services are unable to start.

We hope you have understood all the causes behind QB error code h505. Now we will discuss how to fix it, but before fixing this error we should do some preparation. So that we will not lose our Quickbooks company data.

  • First backup your company file and store it in an external drive
  • And update your Quickbooks software, because sometimes error h505 has been resolving an updated version

How To Resolve Quickbooks Error H505

Quickbooks error h505 can be resolved by following the below steps, but you need to follow each step and check which steps is fit for you. Because these steps are taken from various customers. And these steps are helpful for them. So we strongly think the below steps are resolve your Query.

Steps 1 Check Your Hosting Server

  • You can follow the below steps to do correctly settings
  • First, go to the File menu and select utility icon
  • Now click on Host Multi-User Access from the list menu. But remember here you don’t have to change anything.
  • But if you see Stop Hosting Multi-user access icon then click on it.
  • Then make sure the file must be closed in the company, and click on the Yes button.

Step 2 Make sure Quickbooks services are running well in your system

Quickbooks services like QuickbooksDBXX and QBCFmonitor services help Quickbooks to work smoothly. If both are not working in your system then follow the below steps.

  • First click o the start button or windows icon
  • You can also use the sort-key Window+R key to start the Run program.
  • Then you have to write a Service.MSC inside the run window textbox.
  • Finally, click on the Enter button and follow the next steps.
  • Search QuickbooksDBXX service and start it by double click on it
  • If you are not able to click on QuickbooksDBXX services, then use
  • DBSM(database server manager) and choose hosting is enabled.
  • Now select automatically for startup type.
  • After that double click on QuickbooksDBXX service and choose the start option to start it
  • Then click on Recovery icon and select restart the service from the all drop-down menus
  • Now you need to open the computer system and restart it, to
  • automatically restart the Quickbooks services.
  • Now click on Apply to save all the changes.
  • You have to follow all these steps for the QBCFmonitor service.

Step 3 Use Quickbooks Tool Hub

  • Quickbooks tool hub used for fixing common Quickbooks errors, like
  • Quickbooks error 6000 series and H series. So let’s see how to use
  • Quickbooks file doctor to resolve Quickbooks error h505.
  • Open a web browser and type Quickbooks tool hub to download tool
  • After download click on downloaded QB tool hub setup file.
  • Then follow the instruction and wait for the installation process.
  • After installation restarts your computer system.

Step 4 Use Quickbooks tool hub to fix Quickbooks

As we already discuss Quickbooks error h505 occurs when the user tries to access the company file that is not located on his system. That is stored on the hosted network computer. Hosted network means each system that is connected with the same network. So let’s see below…

  • Open Quickbooks tool hub and click on the Network issue section.
  • Then choose the QB database server manager, if it shows the message for download, then download it.
  • When the QB database server manager opened, then click on Start scan and click on the browse button to select the company file.
  • Then wait for scanning, it will automatically resolve Quickbooks error h505
  • Follow these steps for each workstation which yo see Quickbooks error h505


We hope you have resolved your Quickbooks error h505. Whenever you see any Quickbooks error H series error then you can directly use Quickbooks tool hub, because it will automatically fix Quickbooks errors.

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