Intuit Education Program: For Students and Educators

If you want to become an entrepreneur, special accountant, bookkeeper and want to gain different accounting skills. Then, intuit education program is one of the best platforms to make your dream come true.
Intuit education program is one of the best platforms for educators and students. It provides the best guide book where those students and learners who want to be in this field. They can learn and make their destiny bright.
This program provides the free services of QuickBooks payroll, QuickBooks online plus, QuickBooks online accountant, QuickBooks desktop premier accountant with payroll.

This platform offers many types of platforms such as QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks pro connect that helps the students and educators in the United States and getting suitable media for learning on intuit QuickBooks education.Educators and students can learn a lot of things from intuit education program.

What are the Best things that gain students in the Intuit Educational Program

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  • This programs runs digitally and providing the best knowledge and support to students and entrepreneurs.
  • It also provides some benefits like gain an edge in the job market, free industry standard software and future proof of success.
  • Online video and lecture is also available with classroom lessons.
  • You can easily see the account principles in a real world application.
  • This education program is having 278 pages that is in English language which is easy to learn with quality content.


How Students Join the Intuit Education Program?

You have to go on the official website then you will the two platform in the registration part, first option is QuickBooks online and another one is proconnect tax, So, you can register by choosing students or educator.

Certification Process of Intuit Education Program:

Step 1. Attend Training: Find the QuickBooks training class near you.

Step 2. Prepare for Exams: After the training you wait and prepare for the exam and will also send you a practice question for preparation.

Step 3. Take the Exam: The last step is to take the QuickBooks certification exam and will help you to find a certified testing center to take the exam.

How the Intuit Education Program Works

It works on the following basis:

Step 1. Select the software between QuickBooks online, QuickBooks pro connect, and QuickBooks desktop. 

Step 2. After choosing the software registered the intuit for education programs.

Steap 3. After registering and selecting the course then, access your course objectives and teacher training. They provide you instructors curriculum and powerpoint presentation with live QuickBooks files.

Features and Importance of Intuit Education Program

There are three benefits and importance of intuit education program that is divided into three parts which is shown below.

Students Ready for Job Marketing 

  • This program provides an attractive, easy and prominent way of learning. 
  • This intuit education programs give the opportunity to provide many services such as self study educating, managing the data in a systematic order.
  • It provides the support for your better experience in your accounting tasks.
  • This education program helps you to get certifications with recognitions with the qualification of an examination.
  • It is also helps in teaching and support student to gain the skill of accounting principle in a real life example.

 Complimentary Software for all students

To get the brief knowledge of accounting software or tax course with in a class. Students access the free software for study and once a time for registered the intuit education programs.

Complimentary Resources access for Educator and Students:

These resources will save your time with all lesson presentation and classroom exercise. So unlock your free intuit education software now. 

This Intuit education program is mostly designed for professional environment for students of the schools and universities all over the USA. This program helps user in enhancing their knwledge or techinical skills.

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