Quickbooks Error 1920 – Solutions to Resolve It

When you are using Quickbooks software, sometimes you may face the error that interrupts your work and maybe corrupt your data files.

So let’s start defining the Quickbooks error 1920. This error code 1920 generally occurs because Quickbooks database server manager is unable to access a hard drive on your desktop in order to create a connection to the company data files. In most cases, error 1920 happens when users try to install and update Quickbooks Software in the system. In this error code, your system either freezes or closes automatically, bugging the users.

Before moving to the solution parts let’s discuss what is the possible reasons behind this error code.

Causes of Quickbooks Error 1920?

There are many causes of Quickbooks error 1920 that may arise in the error code in your program:

Failed the installation or uninstallation process of the Quickbooks.
Invalid entries are present in your Windows registry.
Virus and malware attack presents in your system.
Improper system shut down is one of the possible reasons behind the error code.
delete the important system files and the Windows registry entries.
Malfunctions in the operating system.
Quickbooks database server manager service failed to start the connection.

Steps to Resolve the Quickbooks Error 1920

Solution 1: Update Your Windows
If security software is installed then remove it.
Turn off the system firewall if it is on.
Make sure that when you fix the error you not running multiple programs at that time.
If Quickbooks Software is running with the security previously then check whether the security is updated.
Solution 2: Reinstall the Quickbooks Desktop in order to the company file
Open Quickbooks Desktop and open the company data files.
Press the F2 in order to open the product description.
Note the company data file location which is shown in the file information
After that close the application.
Go to a company file location.
Now open the company file and rename it.
Type the new name and press the enter tab and confirm it.
Solution 3: Clean the Junk Folder from your system
Go to the start button
Search the command in the box.
Press the Ctrl+shift keys together and then press enter
Click the yes option in appearing dialog box.
Enter “clean manager” in the box and then click on the enter the cleanup will be started.
Check the junk files box that you want to clean out from your system.
after all, the process goes to the ok option.
Solution 4: Reinstall the Quickbooks Database Server Manager
Press the Windows+Key together
After that open the run dialog box and run the appwiz.cpl
Click on the OK option
Select the Quickbooks Database Server Manager.
Now select the reinstall option and follow the on-screen instructions.

Some other solutions to resolve the Quickbooks Error 1920

Try to reboot your system.
If any security software is recently installed then remove it immediately.
A system firewall must be kept in the turn-off.
Uninstall and reinstall the Quickbooks application if the error code occurs.
Do not run the running multiple programs while you fix the error code. End all the process that shown in the error message by the tasks Manager

In this article, we are defining the Quickbooks error 1920 its causes and how we can easily resolve it. Hopefully, this article will help to fix the error code 1920 in Quickbooks Software.

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